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The publisher of Perception and Deception is Cultural Detective



The Cultural Detective team is extremely pleased to bring you Perception and Deception, an engaging and enlightening read. Its goal, to build understanding and respect across cultures, matches that of our larger series.


The Cultural Detective has been a tool that has helped people better understand their own cultural filters, the worldviews of others, and how to work with people from different cultures. Through the power of stories, our users analyzed real situations that happened to real people. They learned to see how each unique individual is influenced by multiple cultures, nationality, ethnicity, gender, generation, religious tradition, sexual orientation and organizational culture.


Our international interculturalist authors produced more than 65 culture and topic-specific packages for the Cultural Detective series. Cultural Detective has been used worldwide by multinational businesses, universities, NGOs, religious communities, professional associations, and individuals to improve their cross-cultural competence.


While Cultural Detective, a victim of COVID, sadly closed for business on December 31, 2021, we hope that its spirit and broad purposes will live on for current and future readers of Perception and Deception-- A Mind-Opening Journey Across Cultures, which remains available on Amazon.


The Cultural Detective website is archived at:

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